Should I teach you how to be childish?

Being a human, like a bird which learn to fly. When you still ask by urself how to fly highly without practice and make it as habit, you wouldn’t.. just practice, and make it as new habit, eventhough so difficult

Bening Tirta Muhammad

Age counts, regardless whether you grow mature or stay as child(ish).

Should I tell you? Should I explain to you these 7 ways to be childish. Yeah, you may forget how.

First, ask a lot of question. You remember how often times you father and mother left out of words to satisfy your curiosity? You asked every time you see new stuff. For adults, things can be so obvious, but not for you. Keep asking until you hear a sigh or see an annoyed face.

Second, when you make mistakes, hide them like nothing happens. You broke your Mom’s beloved mug bought in Christchurch, you bought latest volumes of Naruto even Mom had said a big no, and so on. You made mistakes or violated your mom’s “advices” yet you kept it yourself. You keep it yourself and pretend you didn’t do that. Unfortunately, mom knew it because she is…

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