What is L I F E ?

Our planet teems with life. Living things can be Imagefound in the depths of the sea, far beyond the reach of daylight, and also on the windswept slopes of the highest mountains. Some forms of life thrive in sticky volcanic mud that is far too hot to touch, while others live on bare rock, or deep inside banks of snow. However, despite being abundant almost everywhere, life is surprisingly difficult to define. Biologists sum up life as a range of particular characteristic that all living things share.

These characteristic include the ability to use energy, the ability to take in raw materials, and the ability to get rid of waste. They also include responding to the outside world-often by moving or changing shape – and, most important of all, being able to reproduce. Wirh reproduction comes a characteristic that is shown not by living things as individuals but, by life as a whole. This is the ability to change slowly, or “envolve”, as time passes.


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